Winter Love Song: Episode 2

Winter Love Song: Episode 2

The next day, Yu Jin and Joon Sang were disciplined by the teacher for playing truant. The teacher asked whether it was Joon Sang who took Yu Jin out. Yu Jin defended that she has gone out by her freewill. Both of them were ordered to clear the fallen leaves in the yard for one month as punishment.

Joon Sang went to see Zhen Yu in his office. The latter talked about his son Sang Hyuk, and Joon Sang is disappointed that he did not remember he has another son...

In the broadcast room, Joon Sang brought a LP with the track "the first time". Yu Jin told him that it was the first time she skipped class, the first time on a bicycle... Then, Joon Sang asked if she agreed to join him for a movie on Saturday. He told her that it was his first time asking a girl for a date too.

On tailing Joon Sang, Sang Hyuk found that Joon Sang was seeing Zhen Yu. The next day, Sang Hyuk confronted Joon Sang. Joon Sang told him that Sang Hyuk had too much that he wanted... Sang Hyuk asked Joon Sang whether this is the reason why he approached Yu Jin. Yu Jin came in while they were arguing. Yu Jin misunderstood Joon Sang’s words, and stormed off....

Sang Hyuk, Yu Jin, Joon Sang, Choi Lim and some other classmates went to a mountain chalet for Christmas camping. In the dark, Yu Jin got lost in the woods. Eventually, she was found by Joon Sang. Joon Sang revealed that he has been true to her. Joon Sang told Yu Jin, "That next time you are lost, you should look for Polaris as the location of this Stellan will never change", and they made up.

The next day, Sang Hyuk reminded Yu Jin that she should not be used by Joon Sang. Yu Jin told Sang Hyuk that she liked Joon Sang.

While cleaning the yard, Yu Jin told Joon Sang what she did last winter. Joon Sang told her that when the first snow fall this year, he would have a date with someone at the lake... On the first snowing day of the year, Joon Sang met Yu Jin at the lake and had a great time. They had their first kiss there.

After the excursion by the lake, Yu Jin took Joon Sang home. At the door, Yu Jin gave Joon Sang her gloves and asked him to return them to her on New Years' Eve. Later, she invited him to dine in her house. When she was cooking, Joon Sang saw a picture and was led to believe that Xin Zhou might be his father. Joon Sang left Yu Jin's house in a hurry without saying goodbye. He went to ask Zhen Yu, who told him that Mei Xi was in love with Xin Zhou... Heartbroken, Joon Sang decided to go to US with his mum. Half-way in the car, he suddenly remembered about the date with Yu Jin. Joon Sang tried to make his way there but was hit by a track... Yu Jin waited in vain, in the snow, for a long time …


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