BYJ Calendar 2009

배 용준 캘린더 2009년 선물, 에 의해 katobyj@KOB
BYJ Calendar 2009 Art Design by katobyj@KOB
I think her want to share with Baesister ....
This is a gift for our Baesister on 2009 from her...:-)



What do you write on new calendar...?

A fresh calendar upon the wall
Blank space on which to fill our days
Record the special dates of loved ones
to seek an order through the maze

Anniversaries, weddings and birthdays
Nights out to dinner -- celebrate it all
The special times within our lives
recorded here -- winter through fall

Doctor's appointments appear more often,
as each calendar arrives anew.
Here we list our labors and leisure, and
marvel how soon, the bills come due

Yet the new calendar is welcomed
so fresh and hopeful are its pages
The good soul anticipates the best,
its love of life, forever rages


Thanks again for your Calendar 2009. We get your picture upload to TWSSG Blog for show and sharing to BYJ Thailand Family and Oversea Baesister who can’t log in KOB..,

Thank you so much.

Roytavan& BTF (BYJ Thailand Family)