BYJ Calendar 2009 for Download

캘린더 다운로드 2009 / Calendar 2009 for Download
선물 TWSSG에서 팀/A gift from the TWSSG Team

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009

May The Lord bless you
and always keep you
May heaven's light shine
on all that you do.

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May health and happiness
come your way
And love fill your heart
throughout each day.

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A new year arrives at midnight tonight
And with that a lot of resolutions
I wish for you a year filled with peace
Throughout this coming year.

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I wish for you a year filled with happiness
And no troubles to come your way
A path that is easily walked
And sunshine to fill your days.

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I wish for you a year filled with joy
Laughter, hugs, and kisses
Fill it full of wonderful memories
Make 2009 one of your best!

Happy New Year 2009

Best Wishes,
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Happy New Year 2009 to BTF from KOB.

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Happy New Year 2009 to ...BTF...

from... KOB Member...

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myoce : Dear Roytavan and TWSSG Team and BTF,Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas greetings and card !!All the best for Thai-baefamily.With love, myoce

Mheia : merry christmas everyone! enjoy your holidays, guys.. ^^

사랑하기때문에 : dear roytavan, 건강하시구요. 행복한 새해 맞으시길 바랍니다.
(Be healthy and happy new year!!)

Naomi44 : Dear Roytavan.Thank you so much sweet card.I had a very good christmas time.Love BYJ family.^^

Nobody : Dear Roytavan,Thank you, for kind thoughts. May your New Year be Happy and safe.Love and Hugs ,Rose Marie

flor : Thank you Roytavan ! Happy New Year to you, the TWSSG Team and BTF !

mis_alba : Dear Roytavan , thanks for your beautifull message, Love Miss-alba

concy : Dear roytavan, TWSSG team and BTF Thank you for the beautiful Christmas greetings.May you all have a Happy New Year!love, concy

Beccah0206 : Kamsahamnida!

einna : Dear Roytavan and BTF~~ thank you for the lovely Christmas greetings page and I like the writing of a rose can say.Wishing you and BTF wonderful days ahead.Love,einna

hyds : Thank you very much Roytavan. All the best for the new year to all of us. Love, Hyds

Maitha uae : Dear Roytavan,Thank you.......Happy New Year to all sis..Love,Maitha

moichan : Dear Roytan and BTF,Thank you for your greetings and prayer for us.May your 2009 be blessed withhappiness,hope and fulfilment of your dreams !All the best , moichan

Nobody : Thank you very much and Merry Christmas to you and yours and a very Happy New Year.Love and Hugs, Rose Marie

sasso : Thanks Roytavan.... and Merry christmas to you dear,~Sara~

The very first.. ♡ : )
Dearest Roytavan & BTF

Thanks for putting my nickname there !
You are so kind to me !
I hope you have wonderful time with your family.
And Nice to meet you here !
God bless you and Jesus Loves you Heaps !

The very first

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