The first love in winter snow.

When I met you for the first time,
you were a little girl,
upon your hair a violet flower.
With a smile you said to me.
To far away, you wish to fly like a bird...

How to make a friend:

I think you need a friend.
It won't be so bad to be in good relationship with your classmates, is it?
Shall I give you a tip on how to make a friend?
It's really simple.
You just need to go nearer to the person step by step.
But you shouldn't do that for just one person.
Watch. Right foot, left foot.
Right foot, left foot.
You can become better friends if you keep going nearer.

"Jung Yoo-jin"

Time by little steps:

Start with our right foot.

Right, left, right, left...

What do you think all these little steps add up to?

Time. There is one thing I envy about Sang-hyuk,

do you know what it is? It's time.

All these times he spent with you.

You can't take two steps at once.

"Lee Min-hyung"