"Winter Sonata" Animation

The famous Korea star Bae Yong-joon will try acting in "Winter Sonata" once more after the 2002 release. The 26-part animation of "Winter Sonata" will be airing across Asia, and Bae Yong-joon will not be able to flash his smile but only donate his voice as Joon-sang.

As the main shareholder of Key East, he is investing in this animation. He has decided that becoming the voice of Joon Sang was a way to repay his fans for their overflowing love.

He is still going back and forth from his home to the hospital after hurting his ankle while filming "The Legend". Although there was a rumor that he was to star in the drama "Tears of God", a remake of the best-selling manga, he has chosen the "Winter Sonata" animation as his comeback.

The official press conference for the "Winter Sonata" animation, produced both by Korea and Japan, will take place at the Tokyo International Animation Fair on the coming 28th. Bae Yong-joon will comment through a video message about his feelings on becoming the voice.

There is great anticipation to see if Bae Yong-joon can create a sensation in Asia once again with the remake of "Winter Sonata", which has kept its spot for several years as a top Korean drama.

Roytavan : Writer

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