'Lee MinHyung' Character from Mr.Bae Yong Joon ...[Old Interview 2002]

'Lee MinHyung' Character from Mr.Bae Yong Joon
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Magazine Music Life (March 2002)
English Translated by Hyeon / Chinese Translated by Verjineir

Title : BYJ - Let's talk about the things attract us about him including his bright smile.

What a beautiful expression of his eyes? The man who makes us feel a passionate and sweet love by his expression of his eyes. Who can resist him not to love? The man who created the Lee MinHyung's syndrome of WLS and became the flower of our heart is BYJ. He still performs tenderly and comfortably as usual and the style of performance is what attracts us. We met YJ who became more romantic and came back to us.

Part 1- The inquisitive interview is not with 'Lee MinHyung' in the drama , but with the person 'BYJ'

* Q : What is the first thing to do in the morning ?
YJ : It depends on the circumstances, mostly I have a breakfast first. I try to have a breakfast. It surely gives me the energy to do the better performance.

*Q: The things to do when you're alone.
YJ: I usually read books or think constantly. But, recently I try to sleep whenever I have time. That helps me to be absorbed in the performance of the next shot.

*Q: About the character of Lee MinHyung.
YJ: I'm not that satisfied with the character of Lee Minhyung, but it seemed I did change my former image by him. Anyhow I live as 'Lee Minhyung' these days.

*Q: Time to go to bed.
YJ: It is irregular. I sleep about 2 ~ 3 hours per day in these days. If there are many scenes to shoot, few minutes in the car to move to the other shooting places was all I could sleep. WLS's staffs as well as performers hold out with the spiritual strength.

*Q: What kinds of clothes do you usually wear?
YJ: I usually wear t- shirt and blue jeans. But mostly the stylist prepares them for me.

*Q: Do you watch WLS yourself?
YJ: Of course. I try to monitor the drama myself because it makes easier for me to perform the next scene. If I can't monitor, I have to be satisfied with only what my manager told me after he monitored.

*Q: What are you worrying mostly now?
YJ: I worry about my health these days. I feel like my health is not same as before. I have felt keenly the necessity of the health to do what you want to do.

*Q: Would you say about people around you?
YJ: Manager and coordinator who always take care of me. As they do their best for me, I try to satisfy them as well. I don't know how much my efforts reached them, but it is natural that I should take care of people who work together..

*Q: What do you most hate ?
YJ: I hate telling lies.

*Q: When do you feel the stress?
YJ: I often feel the stress when my work isn't working smoothly at much as I want. but it is happiness that I even have no time to feel the stress because of the tight schedule these days. I had relaxed the stress by playing the internet game or reading books before, but I relaxed the stress by sleeping these days.

*Q: What is your greatest interests ?
YJ: Finishing the WLS well and movies. Because I have a great dream about movies personally, I want to be very carefully even with one movie. I think that I might have a dream about movie in my mind so far. It is my biggest goal to challenge movies this year. But, I'm going to shelve the dream for now and I will be devoted to the drama now. I will think about movies after finishing the WLS. If I do many thing at the same time, I can't finish even one of them.

Part 2- BYJ whom I know is like this.

(1) Manager Bae Sungwung

*Q: When did you start BYJ's work?
Manager : From the starting with the 'Hotelier' last year, it's been 2 years already to work with him.

*Q: What is the biggest YJ's strength?
M: Whenever he works on something, he gets ready to do thoroughly. For example, though the script of WLS was published too late under the pressure of the shooting time, YJ read it more than 3 times basically. The script is almost worn out. We can think he is a little difficult when he works. Because YJ hates to make mistakes himself. But, he takes care of people whom he considers as his family. He celebrated people's birthdays as well as he knew them one by one. He held a surprised -party for cameraman's birthday of WLS, while ago. He cares and thinks about others.

*Q: How about your teamwork ?
M: Our teamwork is very good. It is really impressive when you see he takes care of others. He is very good to people who trust and follow him. It is a different image with when he works fastidiously. If he once believes and trusts, he leaves all the things entirely to the person. Of course, it is not easy until they get into such a relationship. That may be what he is difficult.

*Q: What do you wish YJ as his manager?
M: He manages himself well, so I don't have anything to wish. But I only want him to take care of his health. Because of shooting this drama, he lost his weight suddenly and he seems to be much weak. After finishing the drama, he will become busier than now with more activities. I want him to take care of his health well always.

(2) Coordinator Hong Eun Kyung

*Q: How long have you been working with BYJ?
Hong: It has been about 7 years. I met him when he started to film the 'First Love' and that's when I started to work with him. And I'm still working for him now.

*Q: What has been changed about him since you started to work with him and what has not been changed?

Hong: The thing that has been changed is that he became freer in personality. He had his own world before, but now he became opened to others. And his unchanged part is that he still takes care of his co-workers.

*Q: Let's talk about character of Lee MinHyung.
Hong: YJ is a director in the drama, and, as we know, a 'Director' is one of the executives in a company. Usually we would think that a director of a company wears formal clothes, but I dramatically changed that idea into the natural casual-clothes. Actually, it was the challenge for me. I talked with the notorious YunPD in advance and prepared thoroughly to create the character of Lee MinHyung. I tried very hard to find the mufflers and glasses that best suited him. I saw a lot of samples to decide them which one to use. The wind hair was decided by a lot of peoples opinions. Anyway, I think that this character was successful. I tried to make the bright and fresh image for getting rid of the old existing image.

*Q: Which style does suit him?
Hong: YJ looks nice in any styles of clothes. If he wears anything, he likes to dress up. He pays attention to the details. He used to perform a lot of characters, which were lonely and gloomy, so I couldn't create the styles that I really want. However, now I feel good because I can create the style as I want in WLS. Even people said 'It is the style only for Lee MinHyung. I could change his styles variously by the clothes of primary colors that usually he doesn't wear.

*Q: When do you find worth doing it?
Hong: YJ put a ring on his finger for character of 'MinHyung' for the first time. Originally, he hates to wear earrings, necklace, and ring but when I talked about it, he was willing to put a ring on. It is not important that he put on a ring, but he trusted me entirely in style. Even if he is different from my opinion, he assents after listening the reason why he must do so. Ring is one of the cases. It is just trust that he leaves his style to me entirely from his everyday dress to the clothes for dramas. These are all results that I find worth of doing the work. Also, I feel encouraged when he performs well new characters as well as the styles.

*Q : Which color is well suited him?
Hong : It's better to tell about the bad colors to him rather than good colors. The similar colors of his face color such as light brown or light beige don't suit him. Except that colors, any colors suit him.

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