Happy New Year 2009 to BTF from KOB.

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Happy New Year 2009 to ...BTF...

from... KOB Member...

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myoce : Dear Roytavan and TWSSG Team and BTF,Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas greetings and card !!All the best for Thai-baefamily.With love, myoce

Mheia : merry christmas everyone! enjoy your holidays, guys.. ^^

사랑하기때문에 : dear roytavan, 건강하시구요. 행복한 새해 맞으시길 바랍니다.
(Be healthy and happy new year!!)

Naomi44 : Dear Roytavan.Thank you so much sweet card.I had a very good christmas time.Love BYJ family.^^

Nobody : Dear Roytavan,Thank you, for kind thoughts. May your New Year be Happy and safe.Love and Hugs ,Rose Marie

flor : Thank you Roytavan ! Happy New Year to you, the TWSSG Team and BTF !

mis_alba : Dear Roytavan , thanks for your beautifull message, Love Miss-alba

concy : Dear roytavan, TWSSG team and BTF Thank you for the beautiful Christmas greetings.May you all have a Happy New Year!love, concy

Beccah0206 : Kamsahamnida!

einna : Dear Roytavan and BTF~~ thank you for the lovely Christmas greetings page and I like the writing of a rose can say.Wishing you and BTF wonderful days ahead.Love,einna

hyds : Thank you very much Roytavan. All the best for the new year to all of us. Love, Hyds

Maitha uae : Dear Roytavan,Thank you.......Happy New Year to all sis..Love,Maitha

moichan : Dear Roytan and BTF,Thank you for your greetings and prayer for us.May your 2009 be blessed withhappiness,hope and fulfilment of your dreams !All the best , moichan

Nobody : Thank you very much and Merry Christmas to you and yours and a very Happy New Year.Love and Hugs, Rose Marie

sasso : Thanks Roytavan.... and Merry christmas to you dear,~Sara~

The very first.. ♡ : )
Dearest Roytavan & BTF

Thanks for putting my nickname there !
You are so kind to me !
I hope you have wonderful time with your family.
And Nice to meet you here !
God bless you and Jesus Loves you Heaps !

The very first

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